Merry Christmas- 2008

Posted by Andrew & Jessica on Thursday Dec 25, 2008 Under Andrew, Mary Elizabeth

Well this Christmas was wonderful. The children both had a great time at both of their Grandparents houses. Mary Elizabeth was very into it this year as she is getting older. And Drew loved all the excitement himself too.

They have an unbelievable amount of gifts as the family was so very generous. Someone needs to come help me figure out how to organize all these toys!!!

All in all we are blessed.

I hope everyone out there had a truly wonderful Christmas.
Here is our card that we sent out this year for those who didn’t get a chance to see it, I apologize in advance if I missed anyone!!!


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Posted by Andrew & Jessica on Wednesday Dec 10, 2008 Under Andrew, Mary Elizabeth
So Drew fell last night and hit his head REALLY HARD on the door jam to
his room. And he had quite the bump on his little head. Looked like a big GOOSE EGG!!! 🙁 It was really
scary but he was fine after some tears. He went on to play normally,
eat, dance and all. No signs of sleepyness, throwing up or loss of
appetite. We tried to ice it as best as possible, on and off when he
would allow. This morning he woke up and it was quite the different.
Still has a good shiner there… but not so bad.
doesn’t it figure, we have our appointment tonight for Christmas
Pictures to be done! I thought about postponing it but for many reasons
I just can’t. Gifts and Cards are waiting on these pictures, the bruise
can turn many colors and take forever to go away, and ME has dental
surgery tomorrow and sometimes with her condition she will swell a
little when sick or having had work done etc. So Christmas photos with
the little bruiser it is.

So speaking of boo boos and the dental
surgery… We are not sure what he’ll do tomorrow but we can be sure
the dental work is needed. She has recently complained of some tooth
pain and one of her teeth has quite a bit of decay. So anyone out there that was planning on giving ME some candy gifts for the holidays… please don’t. She has enough problems with her teeth due to her
condition, candy is the last thing she needs an excess of- besides the
fact that candy and toddlers aren’t a good mix- hello SUGAR! Smiley

also got her own big boo boo last week when hot oil SPLASHED onto her
hand while making dinner. It was very painful and looked awful. It’s
healing decently now though.

Phew… so far Andy is in the clear
though (other than his annual winter cough)! Let’s pray that’s the end of it all! And of course remember to
keep ME in your prayers tomorrow, as any dental work can be painful and
well of course we always pray for her as she goes under anesthesia. Thanks in advance!

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Our visit with Santa…

Posted by Andrew & Jessica on Thursday Dec 4, 2008 Under Andrew, Mary Elizabeth

So we visited good ole St. Nick….

ME was well prepared, and though she was a tad shy- she was ready and willing. She’s starting to "get" the whole Santa idea. Drew on the other hand, well he had no idea what he was in for. While we have waved to Santa from afar and that was fine…. he didn’t like being up close.

So I sat the kids on his lap. Drew was confused and distracted by people, decorations and his sister. Immediately he started to climb off and towards his sister, then he turned his head and it clicked- Im on that weird guys lap…. and he cried hysterically. He had the whole bottom lip out and all! Later we even waved again from afar and he was fine, he started to get closer and nope he cried just at the thought of being near the guy. Oh well.

We still got pictures, Sure the first one Drew is hiding Santa and climbing on his sister who’s fiddling with her dress… but it’s cute anyway. Then when Drew was safe in mommy’s arms we took one with Santa & ME.

And here they are:

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This Thanskgiving…

Posted by Andrew & Jessica on Thursday Nov 27, 2008 Under Andrew, Mary Elizabeth

We actually had turkey!!! Well Andy did have hospital turkey last year but that didn’t count. I was recovering from a c-section so I didn’t have any food that day.

But what we did have last year, was another blessing to add to our family. And having both Mary Elizabeth and Drew in our lives makes us very very thankful. As well as many other things.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you,


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1 Year Old!

Posted by Andrew & Jessica on Saturday Nov 22, 2008 Under Andrew
Little Andrew Jr is now one years old. I dunno where the time went but
he’s getting to be quite the big boy. I don’t have his weight or height
stats, But I will probably fill them in once I have them because I like
to keep track 😉 So here’s the space I’m saving for that 20lbs 14oz and 28.3" long. (now entered!)

Anyway Drew is just the happiest little boy. He usually just cries when
he’s hungry or sleepy like normal, once in a while he wants mama, but
really he’s generally rather pleasant. He loves to play with toys and
he loves kids… I gotta keep him from running into the classrooms at
preschool because he thinks he’s ready to go!

As mentioned last
month (which seems like yesterday) he’s quite musical and he loves to
tap his foot to the music. He’s also been shaking his booty to the
music too and dancing, which works well for ME because she loves to
dance too- so together they have a blast.

He loves his bottles,
it’s always sure to soothe him. He definitely loves his milk –
sometimes I even have to limit him so he won’t get too full on it. But
he loves to eat too, I still try to feed him but he would really rather
feed himself. Of course finger foods- but lately he has been trying to
grab the spoon/spork. And a few times that I let him he did rather well
with coordinating it to feed himself which even though I was impressed,
I’m still trying to avoid doing that too much due to messes. As you
see, ME didn’t like being messy and tried to be neat, but her brother
doesn’t mind it at all. I’ll prove that when I can show off the pics
from his party today – he totally enjoyed his cupcake!!!

of, we had a wonderful first birthday party!!! We were blessed to use
the church hall and which gave us room for our guests and also for some toys
for the kids to play. It was a lot of fun and went really well. I definitely could tell Drew was happy and excited on his special day!

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