Six Years Old… and so forth

Posted by Andrew & Jessica on Friday Jun 3, 2011 Under Andrew, Mary Elizabeth

The little princess has turned SIX on May 20th. We really can’t believe it. She is looking and acting so much older, and just saying the word SIX reminds us, she’s not a toddler, she’s a little girl. WOW. And what a beautiful, strong, happy little girl she is!
She had a wonderful birthday with her friends at a nearby roller-rink. And then celebrated with both Mommy & Daddy’s sides of the family. It was a never-ending celebration- but would you expect anything less from us? or for her? 🙂

She doesn’t go to the doctor until June 21st, but according to mommy’s measurements she’s about 41″ or so, and 34-35 lbs. She recently has been eating a lot and that would explain the recent couple pounds she finally gained (she was hanging around 32 for the longest time!). She also probably grew a good inch. And now of course at her birthday she is moving into the next size. Seems every year around her birthday she moves up a size. So now we’re in a 5 or 5t. However her little tiny feet are a size 9 toddler, the same size as her 3 1/2 yr old brother! haha.

Speaking of feet, don’t ya just love the way she’s got her feet in this photo we got done of her? LOVE IT!

Anyway, we are nearing the end of Kindergarten. She’s got a few weeks left which are full of events and trips. She goes to SPLASHDOWN with the school (of course mommy & daddy are joining- Drew too). And she said it herself “Mommy, if I still had the trach I wouldn’t have been able to go to splashdown right??” – Right! We are truly blessed and are looking forward to a summer filled with WATER! haha.

Well just because it was Mary Elizabeth’s birthday, doesn’t mean we can forget about our little Drew… Here he is waving to ya. Lately with all the birthdays going on (cousin Evan, his sister, his grandma etc) he is not happy that his isn’t close by. He’ll tell ya his birthday is in November, but he wants November to be tomorrow! And well anyone in NY or nearby, knows we hope November takes a LONG time to get here so we can enjoy this weather. He’s growing up fast though… and learning so much. He is nearing the end of his first year of preschool. Mommy & Daddy think they have decided that he will attend preschool for 3 years. His teachers think he’d be ready, but they also agree that there is no harm in holding him back. With his birthday right at the end of November, and the cut off being December 1st, he could go either way with when he starts Kindergarten. We’ve heard a lot of people say they wish they held their children back (that were end of the year babies), but we’ve never heard them say they wish they didn’t hold them back. Being the oldest in his class is something we’d rather than him being the youngest and it’d be a nice and easy transition because there are 3 different classrooms in his preschool and then he’ll start a whole different school after that. So he won’t notice at all. He also gets a little bit more time before having to go to school all day long. Which is a nice thing for him, and hmmmm not as nice for mommy. hahaha. Just kidding, the one on one time with him has been nice with Mary Elizabeth is in school, and I think it is great for both of us to enjoy it a bit longer.  Anyway, these are just our thoughts for now. We shall see.
He’s still quite the active child…. so thankfully spring & summer have helped that. We’re out and about at parks, and now as the heat approaches – we’re in the pools and such.

We hope to all have a wonderful summer and have lots of things planned. So we’ll be updating as we go along!

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