Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family… and those that are reading 🙂

We always have so much to be thankful for… we are truly blessed. But this year we added just one more blessing by adding BABY RAIA #3

We announced on facebook (since we live on there) that we are pregnant with our 3rd child with these 2 photos:

That’s right- we are having a 3rd child. Things went a little differently this time, as many know we had to go through infertility treatments to conceive both Mary Elizabeth & Drew… we were just about to prepare to track things and get ready to go to the doctor in about 6 months or so…. but instead we got pregnant like right away without even really ‘trying’ – so WOW. A miracle in itself. And come to find out the exact day we conceived was the same day (just 7 years later) that we conceived Mary Elizabeth. This was definitely meant to be! Though the due date is in the beginning of June (as it was with ME) – we will be having this bundle of joy at the end of May. There were already two c-sections, so another c-section will be scheduled. We are looking at Friday, May 25th – however that could change and as we know the baby could change things too since my water broke with Drew almost 2 weeks early.  Either way it will definitely be close to ME’s birthday!
With both ME & Drew we didn’t find out the sex. But we wanted to change things up, and also prepare the bedrooms (one of them will be sharing a room) – so we will be finding out the sex. We are scheduled to find out on January 4th… as long as the baby cooperates!

In other news… Drew is now FOUR years old. Still adorable, still active but definitely growing up before our eyes. He is doing great in preschool and really maturing. But still- don’t get him going because he will never stop!! The good news is he is a great sleeper still! hahaha. And although he’s easily wound up, he does very well playing quietly by himself. He will be known to sit and play with his cars, puzzles and definitely building blocks and legos… he could do that for hours. As well as some of his new action figures in his Bat Cave that mommy & daddy got him for his birthday. He’s creative and imaginative.

Mary Elizabeth is doing well in 1st grade but boy is it an adjustment for her. She wants to know why there isn’t as much recess time hahah. But she got her 1st report card and did really well. She seems to excel in spelling, getting a 100 on every test so far (she gets a test every Friday). She does well in most of her subjects anyway but that’s her best! She’s reading more and learning things every day. She gets frustrated when her brother won’t understand the vowel rules – as she tries to teach him. Ya know every day when she comes home from school (after changing into comfy clothes) she has to play school and is always the teacher!!!

Anyway all in all things are well. Mary Elizabeth’s last surgery went well, which was her sclerotherapy procedure back in October. We go back for a follow up after Christmas… but no major complaints or anything from that surgery- seemed to be very smooth. Things are slowing down for her in that department which is nice and good since she’s got a busy life now with school and dance class etc.

Anyway – may everyone have a very Happy Thanksgiving – be blessed!!!

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