IT’S A……….

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That’s right, almost everyone was right!!!! In the poll: – 76% of you voted that it was a girl. And in addition to that, there have been a slew of people who did not vote who all said GIRL as well. In addition mommy & daddy felt a little bit of instinct in that it may very well be a girl, as well as a dream about it too.
After a while we thought, surely we can’t ALL be right… but indeed we were…. here’s a pic of our littlest princess:

Natalie Grace is the name we have chosen as many of you know. Mary Elizabeth came with us to the ultrasound and was SO happy that her prayers were answered and she was getting a little sister. When we came home to Drew, he was already told by Grandma – so as soon as mommy walked in he says “Mommy where’s Natalie??? where’s the baby??, where is SHE????” as he proceeded to look behind mommy and everywhere. I think he was confused and thought she was being born! haha.

All in all we are very excited and also happy that everything looks good and she’s growing well. There is so much about this pregnancy and child that is meant to be and we know God had his hand in it. We are blessed, at some point we’ll go into detail on it all 🙂

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