Welcome to Babyraia.com. As parents, we (Andrew & Jessica) created this site in order to update family and friends about our children and our daily lives. From photos, to updates about the children and videos etc.

Children are a gift of the Lord and we are blessed to have them. Our struggles to conceive children made it even more of a reward to know the true joy in this gift. And thus we are happy and proud to be sharing our journeys.

Although we created it upon becoming pregnant with our first child, we have found that it has become extremely helpful especially in updating everyone with what is going on with our first child, Mary Elizabeth.

Mary Elizabeth was born with a rare and random birth defect called a Lymphatic Malformation. Her condition is quite complex and there are many procedures that have been and still need to be done. So in order to keep everyone up to date without attaching ourselves to a phone… this site will/has come in handy. As well as us coming up on the web when others search- we know it has risen awareness and other LM parents have read up on our story as well. For that, it is important that we continue posting her progress on her in between all the fun stuff that goes on in our lives.

A big side note, you will often find us referring to Mary Elizabeth as ME online, I don’t really know when it started but we rarely call her “Mary” even though many people do including her brother… so it seemed more appropriate to continue calling her Mary Elizabeth online… but that seemed like a lot to type, so we used the initials ME… and since we’ve done that, it stuck. She’s even been referred to as ME or M – E – in person. Funny!

Anyway, when Mary Elizabeth was 2 1/2 years old, our second child was born… Andrew Scott, Jr… who we call Drew. The kids are adorable and lots of fun. We plan on having more – maybe only one or whatever God blesses us with and thinks is in store for us, but for right now we are very blessed with a great little family.

If you are interested at all – please feel free to read our Birth Stories for each of the children:

While reading through the site you will notice we are very faithful. We truly believe this has helped us in life. Jesus is the center of our family, of our marriage and life – that is the key to our happiness – even when things seem to not go our way, we know that God has a bigger plan for us and we trust Him in all we do. If you ever have any questions regarding our faith, please feel free to speak with us.

Be Blessed,

Andrew & Jessica