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Posted by Andrew & Jessica on Wednesday Jun 15, 2011 Under Mary Elizabeth

So mommy & daddy are part of an online group of those affected by LM, whether it be themselves or their children/close family member we are there for eachother for support. It is great to have!!! Because we have many people in our lives that support us, but none know truly what it is like unless you’ve been in it.

Now that we’ve had ME for 6 years, we do pretty well and often give support to parents of little ones. There was a discussion about the speech of those affected orally and those who had/have a trach. We remember the feeling of “will she ever talk” when ME was a baby. After all, we didn’t hear a sound out of her til about 14 months. Then for a good chunk of time we only heard it a little and her first word “da” lingered for a while only adding “ma”.

By the time Drew was born we saw a big improvement, but looking back- it surely wasn’t even that great. At the time, any improvement was a big deal! Anyway I shared these videos to show the moms that change does happen and to keep at it with speech therapy and to hang in there. Because even though ME still has speech issues (articulation), she talks pretty well considering.

I shared these videos to show the transition. Brought us down memory lane a bit. She was so cute even though she didn’t talk well. And she was still little our little ME! 😉

Feel free to look back with us…

2 1/2 Years old, holding Drew

a little over 3 yrs old, singing

and we gave them a current video, however I cannot post that because she decided to say our home address – and I made it private as we don’t want our address out on the internet. Instead I can give you this video from Christmas, but note her voice wasn’t quite as good – sounds a bit off, but she was healing from her trach removal, the hole was still open – yet covered by gauze. However a lot of us know how she sounds these days 😉

5 1/2 years old, Christmas verse

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