Christmas Cheer… and what to expect in the New Year

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Christmas Came and Christmas went… it is always pretty hectic but very enjoyable seeing friends and family. We’re looking forward to ringing in the New Year! 2012 should be pretty exciting with lots of changes and so forth.

Speaking of….. ONE WEEK FROM TODAY we will be finding out the sex of the baby when we have our big ultrasound. Well, considering the baby cooperates and shows us the goods. This is exciting for us as we have never found out the sex of the baby prior to birth before… but we’ve had two surprises and are ready to do things a little differently!! After all, the fact that we even conceived on our own was surprise enough!!! 🙂

So with that said, you have a week to vote on our poll… whatcha thinking- this gonna be a girl or a boy? Are we having a Natalie Grace or a Benjamin Joseph as our last child??? Is ME getting a sister or is Drew getting a brother??? Either way we’ll be thrilled!!!

Are we having a BOY or a GIRL
GIRL free polls 

Lastly Mary Elizabeth had a follow up appointment with Dr. B who does her sclerotherapy. We all went down to the city yesterday to see him. There was some improvement from her last procedure which is good! He wants a few more MRI pictures (certain angles and views that he didnt get before). So she’ll have that done soon – no contrast or sedation needed so it should be easy for her. After that they will ask us to come down for one of the weekly conferences they do- all the big doctors in the team down in NYC meet and discuss cases. They will go over her MRI, take a look at her, decide and discuss the details of her case and make a game plan for what she needs for now/future. This is kind of exciting for us because we’ll get to sit in on that brainstorming session! We’ll keep everyone posted on what transpires and what they have to say. 🙂

Either way we’ll be back next week to see if the poll results match up with the ultrasound results!!!!!

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